Patroller Transfers

Thanks for your interest in transferring to our Patrol!

The Wilmot Mountain Ski Patrol receives transfer and secondary patrol requests each year and has transfer applicant guidelines to ensure that interested patrollers are evaluated in a consistent manner.

The number of transfers the WMSP will accept is determined each season depending on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Shift coverage needs
  • Instructor and Trainer needs

Patroller interested in transferring to Wilmot as a Primary or Secondary patrol must take the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit a Transfer Application
  2. Obtain a letter of recommendation from their current Patrol Director/Representative.  The letter should contain the following:
    • An outline of the patroller’s contributions to their current patrol/area
    • Confirmation that they are a patroller in “good standing” with their current patrol
  3. Letter of recommendation must be sent to the Wilmot Patrol Director (currently Lee Anne Stoddart at ).
  4. Attend an in-person interview
    • The interview will be conducted by the WMSP Patrol Representative, at least one Assistant PR and at least one member of the WMSP Board of Directors. Transfer interviews are typically scheduled in early November.
    • The letter of recommendation is a prerequisite to scheduling the in-person interview
    • The primary interview objective is to identify how the transferee can add value to WMSP.  Areas of inquiry may include:
      • Why are you interested in transferring to WMSP?
      • What can you offer to our patrol?
      • Are you available to cover a specific duty shift where we have a gap?
      • Do you hold any instructor certifications?
      • Have you achieved senior Alpine status or beyond?
  5. Participate in an on-hill assessment to determine their toboggan handling skills and capabilities to patrol at Wilmot Mountain.

More Details…

Please contact Christine Morris if you have questions regarding transferring to our patrol.

For more information regarding our annual requirements please visit the Annual Requirements page.

Thanks for your interest!